Rejuvenating Activities are Essential During Your Job Search

Whether they’re conscious of it or not, employers and others you interact with during a job search are assessing your energy, and evaluating you based on it. Employers are looking for candidates with high-energy and a positive state of mind. Getting yourself into this state can be especially difficult during a career transition, with stressful interviews, long waits, and rejection letters. But you can do something to help get in – and stay in – a positive state of mind, by regularly doing those activities that rejuvenate you. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you take time for activities that give you energy, put you in a good mood, and that you enjoy.

Start by taking a few minutes and writing down as many activities as you can think of that rejuvenate you. And keep adding to the list as you think of more. Then, commit to yourself to begin engaging in these activities, every day and every week. Get outside more, see friends, go to fun, energizing events. And part of it should be to increase your favorite physical activities; they produce endorphins and provide a sense of accomplishment. Don’t think of these activities as time wasters, they’re actually an important component of the job search. You’ll be surprised how much difference they can make in keeping you mentally and physically in good health. So get out there and enjoy!

Print out our Rejuvenation Activities worksheet or download a Word version to fill out from your keyboard.