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Career exploration and job searching can be difficult, confusing, and overwhelming, but they don’t need to be. Having an expert career coach will accelerate your process of assessing your best career direction, help you identify the best opportunities, prepare you to interview confidently and help you negotiate for the best compensation package.

At Aligned Career®, we have been using and improving our job search strategy and tools for 20 years, with several hundred successful leaders and executives. As a result, our Career Transition clients say they find jobs faster, with a better fit to their ideal job, and often with much higher financial package than if they had struggled through the process alone.





Aligned Career® provides a proven process, many time-saving resources and expert support

Aligned Career® 5-Step Process

Step-by-Step Guidance – There are many key steps in the job search process, each building on the strength of the previous step. For example, if you don’t have a strong knowledge of your strengths and accomplishments, your resume and LinkedIn profiles won’t be as convincing as they could be, and you may not present your most competent and confident self in networking meetings and interviews. Depending on your goals, unique situation, and the coaching program you choose, your coach will guide you through some or all of the steps below.


ASSESS – Understand Yourself

  • Identify strongest interests, greatest strengths, goals and work preferences.
  • Use standardized assessment instruments to clarify your style and best-fit environments.
  • Create a high-energy, positive perspective through rejuvenating activities.

DIRECTION – Determine Your Search Criteria

  • Identify possible career directions and occupations.
  • Research career options and narrow down choices.
  • Define your search criteria and ideal job description.

BRAND – Develop Your Marketing Materials and Strategy

  • Inventory your expertise, skills, and key accomplishments.
  • Create a results-oriented resume and LinkedIn profile. 
  • Develop your positioning statement and manage public persona.

TARGET – Identify Your Targets and Get in the Door

  • Determine target organizations and conduct research.
  • Network your way in to target organizations. 
  • Supplement with online job boards, recruiters, and other resources.

CONNECT – Interview and Negotiate the Job Offer

  • Respond to opportunities with cover letters and correspondence.
  • Practice and prepare for interviews.
  • Determine your Selection Criteria and evaluate offers and opportunities.
  • Negotiate for the best compensation and benefits package.

And finally, prepare for a successful on-boarding process!

Is Coaching Worth It?

We know hiring a career coach is an investment. It’s worth knowing what the return on that will be.

Here’s the bottom line, investing in career coaching to ensure your career success is not unlike using an investment advisor to maximize your retirement savings. Some people can do it on their own, but most people greatly benefit from having an expert work with them to maximize their results. A skilled career coach can accelerate your job transition and help you find better opportunities, which result in higher income and greater job satisfaction. And that should result in a high return on your investment, both monetarily and in your life.

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Coaching knocks months off of most people’s job search, but not all. If you know your target role and target organizations, can create a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile, have a strong network and know how to use it, and can confidently interview and negotiate, you may not benefit much from career coaching. But for most people, a skilled coach who will provide a proven process, time-saving resources and on-going support will accelerate your job search by several months. 

To figure out your ‘lost opportunity cost’, estimate your future average monthly income after tax. That’s how much lost income you’re experiencing each month. And that’s what each month you shorten your job search is worth to you.

Skilled career coaching can also result in a better job offer, with higher compensation and benefits. My clients report that they go into interviews and negotiating with much more confidence, better able to express their strengths, accomplishments and value to the organization.

Beyond the financial factors, expert career coaching can also help you find a better opportunity than you’d find on your own, which can increase your personal happiness and long-term career success. A skilled career coach can help you identify roles that are a better fit for you, and help identify great organizations that might not be on your radar screen.

“Results driven approach” 

“Stuart has been the inspirational bright light that lit the otherwise dark path to dreaming, devising, and achieving a fantastic new career. Stuart is a career coaching virtuoso, applying his robust business acumen, exemplary coaching skills, and results driven approach to every aspect of the job search, from sussing out the right professional fit to negotiating an offer. With Stuart’s adept coaching, I moved beyond what I thought was possible and re-entering the workforce became a surmountable obstacle!” – Meredith Best, Estate Manager




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