Career Launch

At Aligned Career®, we go beyond helping you find your first job; we help you launch your career. That starts by truly understanding your strengths, interests and work preferences, and discovering career options you might not have ever considered. We’ll then help you identify organizations of interest and get in the door with confidence and clarity on how you can contribute. 

“Before meeting with my career coach, I sent out handfuls of applications to jobs in different industries as my sense of career direction kept shifting–and unsurprisingly, I wasn’t hearing back from any of them.”

“My coach’s experienced and thoughtful approach to career coaching brought clarity to a chaotic-feeling process, and helped me more easily define and reach for my goals.”

“While working with my career coach, I applied to one job that closely aligned with my newly articulated values. I interviewed, and I eventually received an offer that far exceeded my initial hopes.” 

Reviews from Young Professionals


“Stuart was instrumental in my journey to land a full-time job. I truly cannot thank him enough for his calculated process, his guidance and for his ability to go at my own pace.  The job search can be frustrating and mentally straining, but through Stuart’s step by step process you will be set up for success while building your personal brand.Samuel Y., Production Technician 

“I cannot thank Stuart enough for the time he spent with me throughout all stages of my job search (and job search drama) after graduating from college. I’m so thankful for the tools and courage he gave me to continue the process even when I felt defeated. Stuart shows a deep empathy and understanding for the diverse needs and interests of recent college graduates entering the job market. He took careful consideration of all of the factors of my job search criteria, and instilled hope that I would find a position that aligned with my top priorities. Importantly, he helped me recognize my strengths and learn how to utilize those in the job market. With Stuart’s help, I got my ideal position that fit all of my top criteria for my first career-track position after college.” – Delany S., Volunteer & Development Coordinator 

“I cannot recommend Stuart enough as a career coach for anyone seeking to level up their career and/or enter a new industry. He knew how to help me to find an industry that fit my passions, skills, and values, thanks to his proven career exploration, accomplishment spotlighting, and networking models and personal, step-by-step guidance. I not only entered a new industry, but I landed one of my top jobs at a choice firm! I’ve learned so much working with Stuart and know he has much to offer to anyone from a recent college graduate to a seasoned corporate veteran.” – John J., Risk Analyst

“I would highly recommend Stuart’s guidance to any of my peers wading through the post-graduation job search. Stuart gave me the tools to sift through my varied career interests and hone in on my most important work values, and he gave me the skills to feel confident going into interviews. If you or someone you know is struggling with the post-college job search, working with Stuart is the best decision you could make.”  – Student Services Officer

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