Career Transition

Success Stories: Career Transition

Select stories and testimonials from senior executives and mid-career professionals. (See Career Launch stories.)

Is Age Going to Limit My Job Search?

  • Challenge: Rick’s company had performed well for years, but when they hit a bump in the road, the investors changed out the entire senior management team. At 59 years old, Rick’s first question was, “Am I too old to land another great corporate job?”
  • Actions We Took: We determined that his best positioning was to capitalize on his age by emphasizing his experience – that not only could he handle their current role, but that he had the experience they would need as the company continued to grow rapidly. He also emphasized his energy and enthusiasm, eliminating any thoughts they might have about his age.
  • Results: Rick went into the interviews able to talk confidently about his accomplishments, quickly built rapport with the other senior team members, and conveyed his energy. 58 days after our first meeting, he accepted a C-level job with a young, fast-growing start-up that he led through a very successful acquisition 16 months later.

Where are You One in a Thousand?

  • Challenge: Before working together, Dave was trying to be the ‘Jack of all Trades’ with his resume and LinkedIn profile. He was getting few interviews and no offers.
  • Actions We Took:  After looking over his bio, I asked Dave “What are you one-in-a-thousand at?”  He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, “Nothing!” I pointed out that he had been a key player on a World Championship sports team, and that only about one in 10 million people have had that experience and know what it takes to really create a best-in-the-world team.
  • Results: Dave re-focused his job search on organizations that truly wanted to be world-class, and were willing to invest in that goal. He soon landed a job helping a US Olympic team to do just that, and now has a rewarding career working with other teams and organizations that want to be the absolute best in their field.

The more unique your qualifications, the more someone will value your specialty

Is Networking Really That Important?

  • Challenge: Jason’s company was acquired, and his now-redundant VP role was eliminated. Jason had enjoyed managing several functions, and wanted a similar, somewhat unique operational role.
  • Actions We Took: Knowing he was looking for an unusual role, we focused his strategy on using his network to reach deep into his target industry. At each networking meeting, he asked for referrals and introductions to others in that person’s network.
  • Results: One of his networking meetings was with a CEO who was 4 degrees of separation from his initial contacts, and they had a need for someone with his broad range of experience. Because he fit their need, the position was never posted, and he was hired after a short interview process.

Can You Change Direction Mid-Career?

  • Challenge: Mark was an Executive Director of a theater company, which sounds exciting but over time, he realized it wasn’t fully aligned with his strengths and interests.
  • Actions We Took: We used several assessments to determine his strongest interests, greatest strengths, motivators and career values. Mark identified a strong desire to help others achieve financial peace of mind by managing their investments. We created a resume and LinkedIn profile that highlighted some earlier work in financial services, identified target opportunities, and prepared to interview confidently.
  • Results: Mark identified a premier investment advisory firm, and approached them about a Financial Advisor position. They had recently lost a key advisor in his region, and hired Mark to fill the position, before the job posting hit the market.

It's never too late to align with your strengths and interests

Who Values Your Unique Qualifications?

  • Challenge: Sara was re-entering the workforce after an eight year hiatus raising her family. She had been looking for administrative jobs for several months with no success. She was discouraged and the job search was beginning to feel hopeless.
  • Actions We Took: In assessing Sara’s strengths and experience, we discovered that she had a unique set of experience in project management, event planning, financial management and property management. I asked the question, Who values these skills, and will pay you a premium to do them, and the answer was – high net worth families looking for an Estate Manager.
  • Results: We created a LinkedIn profile specifically aimed at this extremely small market, and six days later she was contacted by a recruiter representing a family. She interviewed confidently, and accepted a job offer making 50% more than the positions she was originally targeting.

Client Reviews


“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to benefit of Stuart’s coaching during my most recent job search. As a result of the guidance and expertise, I completely changed the focus and approach of my search and ended up in a position that will be an excellent, long term fit for my interests, values and lifestyle. I could not be happier with the entire process and the result. I highly recommend his services to anyone interested in re-evaluating or making a change to their career.” – Cindy Jasper, Project Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I’m an unusual client for Stuart in that I am a nonprofit leader and public health consultant. During a transition period from serving as a senior manager in a nonprofit to becoming a consultant and project manager, Stuart was indispensable in helping me define my goals and develop a successful second career. He was available, knowledgeable, flexible, and fair in his own business practices. I can recommend him without any reservations.” – Mark Pertschuk, Consulting Attorney and Project Director in public health

“I worked with Stuart over the course of 8 months after I departed Harry & David. He is an outstanding Executive Coach who worked with me through the transition process providing invaluable advice, feedback and support. While it’s up to me to do the work, Stuart was always available with insights and advice to get me into my next position. Can’t thank him enough.” – Michael Freeman, former Vice President, Corporate Compliance, Harry & David

“I’ve worked with Stuart for over a decade in a number of different capacities; including, executive coach and career transition coach. Stuart is very good at what he does. His approach is direct, comprehensive and results oriented.” – Lydia Tan, EVP, Related California and former EVP, BRIDGE Housing

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