Starting a Job Search? Remember Your Accomplishments

One of the most helpful things you can do to kick off your job search or prepare for a future change is to identify your greatest accomplishments.

For many people, talking about their accomplishments feels like bragging. They may have been raised to not draw attention to themselves, or they’ve been turned off by the many people who over-promote themselves and don’t want to be anything like them. Many people experience an ‘imposter syndrome’, feeling they’re not qualified to be pursuing the jobs they are interested in. However, by writing out your greatest accomplishments, you will remind yourself of the many results you’ve achieved.

You’ve had successes in your career that have brought you to your current level. Your first step is to think about and write down the major accomplishments in your career. These might include how you improved something, making it faster, better, cheaper, or increased revenue or reduced costs.

Behavioral interviewing is increasingly used by managers and companies as part of their hiring and selection process. You may be asked about how you handled various situations in previous positions, in the belief that past performance is the best indicator of future performance. Often when we’re asked a question about our past, we find it difficult to remember and explain the situation in the moment, but can articulate it much better after some thought.

So, here’s your chance to prepare for those questions, by thinking about and writing down your most significant accomplishments. Later in your job search, you’ll be able to review your accomplishments just before going into an interview, which will increase your self- esteem and put you in a positive mindset during the interview. You’ll also be able to weave those successes into your resume, LinkedIn profile and the stories you tell that convince others you’re well-qualified for the job opportunities you’re seeking.

Print out our “10 Accomplishments Worksheet” PDF or download a Word version to fill out from your keyboard.