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Your career matters. Day after day, you pour your heart and soul into your work. It’s where you can:

  • have enormous impact and creative breakthroughs

  • collaborate, inspire, and lead

  • earn what you are worth and provide for what matters most to you

But when your dreams don’t align with your employer’s or your full potential isn’t being realized, you may feel that you aren’t the one in charge of your career.

Fortunately, your career is bigger than any one job, role, or company.

Your career belongs to you. You own your expertise and unique abilities.

With the right guidance, these abilities can lead you to the right opportunities, the right roles, and the right people.

When you gain clarity and confidence about your expertise, and can express it to the world, your brilliance shines and others notice.

Stop dreaming about where you want to go. Start positioning yourself to get there.

We invite you to join our 10-week Magnetic Leadership program to drive your career forward with support from career and communications experts. 

Join us and own your future.  

Who’s Managing 

YOUR Career?

Hint: It’s not your employer

Your Career is

Your Business

It's time to run it like one

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During the Magnetic Leadership program, our coaching team will show you how to make your experience, knowledge, intuition, and ambition work for you. Here's how:


Unique Value

When do you shine brightest?

We start by uncovering the strengths, passions and hidden expertise within you. At the place where all of these interests, talents, and market value come together, we’ll find your unique spark.


Future Vision

Where are you headed?

Next, we determine where you want to go and understand how your unique abilities will get you there. We’ll explore what playing bigger looks like for you.  After all, when you have compelling vision for the future, the path to get there becomes more clear.


Brand Clarity

What will you be known for?

Once you know where your expertise and dreams meet, we’ll help you create an authentic, inspiring leadership brand right there – one that showcases your unique abilities and future vision. You’ll crystallize what you want to be known for and how to express it.


Get Noticed

Who will you inspire?

Together, we’ll tell your story everywhere it needs to be heard: your conversations, resume, LinkedIn profile, and thought leadership articles. As a bonus, we’ll share  techniques for growing your reputation through speaking engagements. Get ready to shine and get noticed.


You Can Manage
Your Own Career


The Magnetic Leadership Program is a 10-week bootcamp to elevate your career.  Every step of the way, you’ll have guidance and support from a career dream team. Meet your support team:

Career Coach

Your coach will guide you through our proven process, helping you clearly define your unique abilities and expertise, develop your career roadmap, and discover “what you want to be known for.” This clarity will be a North Star to guide your career long term as well as a confidence boost for your very next career conversation or interview.

Professional Writer

Our talented writing and editing team will make sure that your new insights flow smoothly into your written materials and show how truly awesome you are. This includes your LinkedIn profile, thought leadership articles, and positioning yourself for your next move on your resume. We will also help you develop a go-forward content plan.

Peer Group

You are invited to attend weekly virtual mastermind sessions with a group of like-minded professionals. This powerful network will be a great sounding board as you tune your story and plan your next chapter, as well as a group of fans ready to amplify your posts and articles.

Communications Experts

Interested in exploring how to amplify your thought leadership further? Gain actionable tips and strategies from guest speakers who are experts on PR, speaking engagements, and executive communications.

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You’ll be surrounded by support at every step of that way. Specifically:

  • 1:1 Coaching:  Your Career Coach will be your primary guide and will stay with you from start to end of the program.  
  • Online Exercises: In between coaching sessions, you’ll be working through foundational career assessment and brand development steps via our online coaching portal. 
  • Group Support: We encourage you to join our LinkedIn group for peer support and networking, and attend weekly group sessions where you’ll have the chance to get feedback from others in a safe environment and hear from expert guest speakers.  If you can’t join the group sessions live, recordings will be available. 
  • Writing Services: You’ll also be working closely with our writing team via email and, when needed, via phone or zoom. 
  • 1:1 Coaching: You’ll be able to schedule time with your coach when it’s most convenient for you during business hours or just after.  We offer different options for the frequency of those sessions based on your unique situation and needs.
  • Group Sessions:  The group sessions are held on Thursdays afternoon (1:00 pm pacific, 2:00 pm mountain, 3:00 pm central, 4:00 pm eastern).  All group sessions will be recorded and viewable at any time during the program. 

This 10 week program can be started whenever the timing works best for you.

Here are additional details on the program scope and outcomes: 

Steps 1-3: Through expert coaching, guided exercises, and insightful assessment reports, you will synthesize your unique expertise (strengths, interests, market value) and future vision (future roles, career roadmap) into an authentic, compelling, magnetic leadership brand statement that will serve as a north star for your career.

Step 4:  With new clarity, we will help you successfully communicate your leadership brand. Based on your career situation, goals and bandwidth, you’ll choose whether to focus on some or all of the below areas. 

  • LinkedIn profile & resume – We’ll provide detailed guidance, editing, and design support to bring your market positioning to life
  • Verbal story – Through thoughtful exercises and opportunities to practice, you’ll prepare to confidently and crisply share your expertise, accomplishments and future vision during career conversations or interviews.
  • Thought leadership – Our writing team will work with you to develop a forward-looking content plan and will help you write or edit the first 1-3 posts/articles. You’ll also learn how to amplify your content so more people will see it. 

If you’d like to continue to work with the writing team after the program ends, you’ll be able to do so at discounted program graduate prices.

Bonus!  Speaking Engagements – A guest speaker will share strategies and tips for securing speaking engagements and help you decide if doing so is a priority for you.

This is an online program that can be done from any location.  We’ll connect via phone, Zoom, a coaching portal, and a LinkedIn group. 

We have a few different package options available with varying levels of support. Please book a complimentary consultation to explore what might be right for you.  The consultation will give us both a chance to assess the fit and answer any questions you might have.

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When experience, knowledge, intuition, and ambition all point in the same direction, it creates a magnetic property.

When experience, knowledge, intuition, and ambition all point in the same direction, it creates a magnetic property.

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Allyson Campa, Career Coach

I’m a Certified Career Management Coach, and I’m here to help you uncover your superpowers!
My coaching draws upon decades of experience in the tech industry, where I hired hundreds of professionals while in marketing, product management, and executive roles.
In those roles, I learned the art of positioning products around their compelling differentiators. This program leverages those powerful techniques, along with insightful career assessment tools and communications experts, to help you stand out and drive your career forward.
I invite you to book a complimentary consultation to explore if the Magnetic Leadership program is right for you.