Career Transition Assessment

Career Transition Assessment

For each of the statements below, rate yourself as either a 1 (poor), 2 (fair) or 3 (good).

Mindset & Focus

___  I am currently in a high-energy, positive state of mind most of the time.

___  I engage in activities that rejuvenate me on a daily basis.

___ I keep myself on track and accountable.

___ I get the right things done, on schedule.

___  I have a comfortable place where I can work on my job search without interruption.

___  I have a realistic timeline for my job search process.


___  I know my overall life values and how work fits into them.

___  I know my strongest interests, and what career directions might build on those interests.

___  I clearly know my strengths and areas of expertise.

Career Direction

___  I can define my ideal job and work environment preferences.

___  I have the skills, training or knowledge I need to qualify for the desired job.

___  I have validated the feasibility of the career direction or job I’m interested in pursuing.

My Professional Brand

___  I know my greatest accomplishments, and can recall them easily and tell others how I achieved them.

___  I can comfortably and concisely describe to others a clearly-defined job that I am pursuing.

___  I have a current resume that is based on quantified accomplishments.

___  I have a detailed LinkedIn profile with key words for my profession that will stand out in searches by recruiters.

Target Organizations

___ I have a list of the top 10 organizations that are a good fit for my search criteria.

___ I know how to research prospective organizations.

___ I have a strategy for using my network to explore options and uncover opportunities.

___ I have a strong LinkedIn network with almost all of my most supportive previous managers, co-workers, direct reports and other business contacts.

___ I know the key recruiters in my area, and they have my resume and information in their tracking system.


___ I know how to prepare for interviews, and am comfortable addressing the questions they are likely to ask.


___ I know the current market compensation and benefits for my field.